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Updating Microweigh Firmware


What is the smallest increment I can display on my scale?

Take the capacity of the load cell and divide it by 5,000 to find the finest resolution the load cell is capable of reading.

How do I set up the MicroWeigh indicator so it will communicate with my data collection system or label printer?

The basic MicroWeigh indicator has over fifty custom communication formats to choose from in the “Weighment” menu.  If one does not meet your needs, contact WeighTech and we can create one for you.

If I have more than one type of WeighTech equipment, can I keep one MicroWeigh indicator as a spare and program it myself as needed?

Yes.  WeighTech offers a tablet which will allow you to keep all of the firmware used by your facility and upload into the MicroWeigh as needed.

Why does my MicroWeigh indicator say “Setup required”?

When a MicroWeigh indicator has been defaulted, you must go into the “Parameter” menu and enter the load cell capacity.