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QA / Portion Scale

The WeighTech line of QA/Portion Scales is designed to cover a multitude of uses – QA checks, portioning and verifying correct product weights on the production line. Our small scale line comes in a variety of base sizes to meet your weighing requirements.

Available in: 8″x8″ & 10″x10″


  • Permanently sealed, high impact, ABS alloy construction for enclosure

  • Highly visible display with adjustable contrast and backlight

  • Touch sensitive operator control panel • Displays in lbs., kg., g., or oz.

  • Communications available in infrared, RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet and Bluetooth

  • Data collection available through tablet with WeighTech Update App


  • Detachable or hardwired power cord

  • Stainless steel swivel bracket

  • Multiple tower heights

  • MicroArmor

  • Custom firmware

    • Data collection
    • Customized reporting


  • Ease of operation requiring minimal training

  • No double boxing required

  • Low Maintenance

  • Operates as individual unit or integrated multiple scale system