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MicroWeigh Digital Weight Indicator

The patented industry leading electronic indicator for harsh washdown environments. MicroWeigh, the flagship product of the WeighTech line, was designed to outperform and outlast other indicators. This is accomplished through the use of several key features such as its highly durable IP69K housing. Touch sensitive keypads responds to human touch – not to knives or other sharp instruments. Safety issues are also addressed through the use of potted electrical parts for safety when the panel is exposed or taken off. The indicator is used in many applications including scales and processing equipment. MicroWeigh has been tested for compliance with industry standards for protection from water ingress under IP69K (pressure washing), NEMA 4 (hosedown), NEMA 6 (water immersion), IP67 (water immersion), and IP68 (water immersion simulating water pressure over 80-feet deep). MicroWeigh has also satisfied tests for dust resistance under IP6. We know of no other manufacturer of an electronic indicator that has passed all these tests.


  • Key electronic components permanently sealed in ABS plastic enclosure
  • Front access panel
  • Easy to read display
  • AC power or battery operated
  • Potted AC power supply


  • Can be retrofitted to existing scales
  • No double boxing
  • NTEP certified
  • Meets industry standards pf IP69K, NEMA 4, NEMA 6 IP67, IP68
  • Touch sensitive keypad
  • Inexpensive parts replacement


  • Standard weighing
  • Checkweighing
  • Bench of floor scales
  • Batch weighing

Indicator Specifications


  • Accuracy: 0.01% Full scale
  • Resolution: NTEP 10,000 divisions
  • Temperature Range: -10 to 40 degrees C
  • Washdown: IP69K/NEMA 4

Operator Interface

  • Display: 16 character backlit alphanumeric LCD with adjustable contrast
  • Indicators: Gross, Net, Center of Zero, and Motion
  • Units: Lbs., kg., and g
  • Keypad: 5 touch-sensitive (capacitance) keys with washdown mode


  • Optional I/O: Up to 6 I/O, machine control
  • Output: Infrared, RS-232 and RS-485 standard with Bluetooth and Ethernet options


  • AC Power: 100-130 VAC 60 hz
  • Battery Option: Gel cell
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 hours on an 8 hour charge