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Indexing Hopper Scales

The WeighTech indexing hopper scale system allows for bulk packing of a wide range of products to include whole wogs, all cuts of poultry, fish, pork, and beef. The hopper scale with conveying system automatically fills the box below the chute. Once filled, the box is automatically released and a new empty box indexes under the chute for uninterrupted filling.


  • MicroWeigh Indicator

  • Polished 304 stainless steel open frame

  • Single, dual, or triple hopper

  • Capacity is 6 to 18 cycles per minute


  • Simple operation

  • Proven performance

  • Labor saving

  • Low maintenance


  • Flat belt or knuckle

  • Flighted belt (manual feeding of boxes)

  • Hopper with incline

  • Air clutch or variable-frequency drive

  • Ethernet

  • Web server over Ethernet